Construction site with workers installing a light steel framed house. the hand holding a green globe reflects the sustainable light steel building technology

How to Build a School in 30 days?

SYNOPSIS - How to build a school in 30 Days.

The task of completing a turnkey 1100m2 school within in a timeframe as limited as 30 days was an onerous enough challenge, when coupled with limited site access, no on site storage, summer temperatures in excess of 45 degrees, a 3 hour midday break and falling within the Holy month of Ramadan, it becomes near impossible.

However via concise and minute level coordination at design stage between trades, maximizing offsite construction and detailed sequencing of delivery and build our vastly experienced design, manufacturing and installation teams were able to achieve just that. Employing a high level quality assurance policy of every item prior to site delivery to ensure accuracy and tolerance was a requisite.

3D renderd model for light steel framed house, a worker stech-welding steel wall panel on the manufactring plant and LSF construction site showing installation process Architectural Drawings Stractural Drawings Project Time Line

With a stringently fixed opening date for the new school term there was zero scope for any slippage on the already condensed programme. The key to attaining a quality end product in such a limited time was based around the fast track nature of the Genesis Manazil structural steel frame system and it is massive inherent benefits. The offsite pre-panelised system was closely designed with coordination with all MEP, external and internal finishing trades, this allowed a ready made provision in structure for all requisite support for AC ducting, electrical and plumbing works as well as providing a highly accurate pre-formed apertures to accept glazing panels to negate the requirement for any on-site works. All insulation board, internal and external boarding was cut off site for speed and controlled tolerance and installed to detailed site drawings much in same way a jig-saw puzzle is completed. The 50 tonnes of structural steel frame itself was installed within 7 days, however within 2 days of this installation starting external sheathing and internal MEP works had commenced due to the careful sequencing of structural frame to provide a fully enclosed skeleton to allow other trades earliest access to site and subsequent completion.

Around the clock working was essential to compensate for both the midday break and to cope with the searing summer heat, as this coincided with the Holy month of Ramadan and associated reduced working hours, advanced and early coordination was required with our close network of trusted suppliers and contracting partners to ensure every element was considered and available. A just in time delivery sequence was also essential to overcome the 2m perimeter of site, due to its proximity to existing structure, and negate the lack of storage on site due to small and restricted site.

The result was an unprecedented, both regionally and internationally, turnkey completion of a high end structure which sets a new benchmark for both speed and quality globally. A structure, lighter, faster, greener & stronger.


“A structure demonstrating the future of construction.”

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